InstructorLéa Tordjmann
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Section 1Financial Policy Frameworks and Implementation Tools
Lecture 1Aligning policy objectives and regulatory frameworks to restore financial intermediation capacities and resilience in the Yemeni financial sector
Lecture 2Consumer Finance Project Overview
Lecture 3Implementation strategies to operationalize regulatory policy framework
Lecture 4Public-private dialogue about policy objectives and regulatory frameworks in the Yemeni financial sector
Section 2Restoring Trust and Capacities in the Yemeni Banking Sector
Lecture 5Set up the conditions for risk-based and thematic AML/CFT supervision in the banking sector under fragile conditions
Lecture 6Promoting trust and resilience in the banking sector
Lecture 7Public-private dialogue about policy recommendations in the Yemeni banking sector
Section 3Strengthening Financial Intermediation Capacities of Money Exchangers
Lecture 8Challenges, reforms and opportunities in the Yemeni money exchange sector
Lecture 9Set-up the conditions for AML/CFT supervision and enhanced regulatory framework for money exchangers in Yemen
Lecture 10Minimum regulatory standards and level playing field for Yemeni money exchangers to strengthen trust, resilience and attractiveness for international partners
Section 4Improving sovereign cash flow management and access to credit for MSMEs
Lecture 11Challenges, reforms and opportunities for sound sovereign cash flow management and MSME financing in Yemen
Lecture 12Cash flow management strategies to enhance budget planning stability and address volatile external funding provisions
Lecture 13Improving SMEs’ access to finance and innovations to unlock sources of capital
Lecture 14Promoting sound governance, business conduct practices and public policies for MSMEs financing under challenging conditions
Section 5Preconditions to Infrastructure Financing and Reconstruction in Post-War Yemen
Lecture 15Opportunities and risks of financing infrastructure for reconstruction and resilience in Yemen
Lecture 16The role of the Yemeni private sector and opportunities to build back trust
Lecture 17Review of successful infrastructure financing mechanisms in conflict areas
Lecture 18Subnational approaches to rebuilding Yemen through new and resilient infrastructure
Lecture 19Material assessments and reconstruction opportunities of Yemeni transport network infrastructure
Lecture 20Supporting resilience and reconstruction opportunities of Yemeni social infrastructure

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