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    Nashwan Ahmed

    We are thrilled to share the impactful work being carried out by EvalYemen in Yemen, where they are playing a crucial role in strengthening the capacity for economic data collection and analysis. In a country facing numerous challenges, including economic instability and conflict, the need for accurate and reliable data is more important than ever.

    EvalYemen has recognized the significance of robust economic data in supporting evidence-based decision-making, policy formulation, and sustainable development initiatives. With a deep understanding of the local context, EvalYemen has been actively involved in initiatives aimed at enhancing Yemen’s capacity for economic data collection and analysis.

    Through strategic partnerships with government agencies, academic institutions, private sector, and non-governmental organizations, EvalYemen has been instrumental in implementing training activities and workshops focused on building the skills and knowledge of individuals and organizations involved in economic data collection and analysis. These capacity-building efforts have targeted a wide range of stakeholders, including statisticians, researchers, economists, and policymakers.
    EvalYemen’s efforts go beyond theoretical concepts, emphasizing practical skills and hands-on experience. Participants are equipped with the tools and techniques necessary to effectively collect, manage, and analyze economic data. By empowering local professionals, EvalYemen is not only enhancing their individual capacities but also fostering a sustainable network of experts capable of driving economic growth and development in Yemen.

    Furthermore, EvalYemen has been actively engaged in promoting data transparency and open access to economic information. They have advocated for the use of standardized methodologies and best practices in data collection, ensuring the reliability and comparability of economic statistics. By emphasizing the importance of data quality and integrity, EvalYemen is helping to build trust and credibility in Yemen’s economic data.

    The impact of EvalYemen’s efforts is far-reaching. Accurate economic data enables policymakers to identify trends, make informed decisions, and design targeted interventions to address socio-economic challenges. It facilitates effective resource allocation, encourages investment, and attracts donor support. Ultimately, strengthening the capacity for economic data collection and analysis is a crucial step towards achieving sustainable development and improving the lives of Yemeni citizens.

    EvalYemen’s dedication and unwavering commitment to strengthening Yemen’s capacity for economic data collection and analysis, making a tangible difference in the country, empowering individuals, institutions, and the nation as a whole.

    Let us recognize and support the invaluable contributions of EvalYemen in their pursuit of data-driven decision-making and sustainable economic development in Yemen. Together, we can build a brighter future for Yemen based on accurate, reliable, and inclusive economic data.

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